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Nobody's Fool Theatre

When The Light Went Walking - Cricket Studios

December 2021


The Tipping Point – Post Release & Community Theatre

We are currently developing an exciting new theatre production and art exhibition to be presented at Chapel Off Chapel in August 2022

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Are You: 


Interested in co-creating a theatre performance with committed women who have lived experience of prison, as well as experienced performers & young/emerging SDTC artists?


A health or welfare worker wanting to support someone through the process?



If this exciting project sparks your interest - contact us

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The Tipping Point

Trip to Airey's Inlet

July 2021

The wheels are in motion!


Workshops continue at Gasworks Arts Park as the group lays some groundwork. Writing, gathering threads, collecting ideas, and working together toward script development and the production of new and original Australian work.

Nobody's Fool Theatre, Geelong

Nobody's Fool Theatre

Performance at R.S.&S Woollen Mill, Geelong

June 2021

Call Out to Young People

Somebody's Daughter and Nobody's Fool have issued a call out to young people aged 12-26 who have an interest in theatre, music and/or writing to join us to devise new Australian theatre work.


Wednesday 4-6 pm workshops at The Old Mill, 17 A Rutland St, Newtown

All Enquiries: Maud: 0412 730 984 or


Regular workshops with young people in Benalla and Wangaratta are underway to devise and produce new digital work and a short performance.

Women in Prison

Watch this space...

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Miss, It Appears We've hit Some Turbulence - The Podcast

Due to Covid restrictions, the workshops and performance inside The Dame Phyllis Frost Centre have been on hiatus, so Somebody's Daughter recorded a podcast with the women in the prison based on the play Miss It Appears We've Hit Some Turbulence. We then augmented it with commentary from the women from the Tipping Point Project. The four episode series is almost finished, and will be dropping onto your favourite podcast app soon.