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Nobody's Fool Theatre

Performance December 2020



Call Out to Young People

Somebody's Daughter and Nobody's Fool have issued a call out to young people aged 12-26 who have an interest in theatre, music, writing to join us to devise new Australian theatre work.


Wednesday 4-6 pm workshops at The Old Mill, 17 A Rutland St

All Enquiries: Maud: 0412 730 984

or email somebody@somebodysdaughtertheatre.com

Performance early December


Regular workshops with young people in Benalla and Wangaratta to devise and produce a new digital work and short performance.


Workshops with grade 1's and 4's from Albert Park Primary School. Engaged young students in singing, dancing and devising over several weeks, exploring the theme of journey.  

The young people from Nobody's Fool Theatre travelled to the North-East to perform for and workshop with the young people from Benalla Flexible learning centre.

Creative workshops resume in Dame Phyllis Frost Centre and HMP Tarrengower


The Tipping Point – Post Release and Community

Workshops have resumed at Gasworks Arts Park as the group works toward script development and production of new Australian work.

Nobody’s Fool Theatre, Geelong


The kids of Nobody’s Fool Theatre have returned Studio 17 at the R. S. and S. Woollen Mill. During regular drama workshops, the group is putting their minds together in devising an outcome around the theme of consent.

On the Road again...

Late Feb: 


We’re travelling to North-Eastern Victoria (Benalla, Wangaratta, Wodonga) to plan creative workshops with young people and community as part of the REVIVE project.


Women in Prison

With a core group of 11 women, we’ve reimagined 2019’s beloved ‘Miss It Appears We’ve Hit Some Turbulence’ adapting the play into a radio podcast for a local, national and international listening audience.

The Tipping Point – Post Release and Community

Drama and Art program for women who have lived experience of the justice system and community. Regular Tuesday drama workshops resumed in November.

2021 Program begins in late January, as the group works toward script development and production of new Australian work.

Lost in the Spin launched September ’20

Nobody’s Fool Theatre, Geelong

R. S. and S. Woollen Mill, Studio 17 C Rutland St


Studio opening, short performance, and launch of ’Too Old To Be Young’ film clip @ Pako West farmers market, 12 December '20

Losing light and I’m only 15

I should be much older the things I’ve seen

At home, online,

I’ve lost my carefree

Am I too old to be young or

Am I too young to be old?

These are the questions

That my little hands hold.

Image from Lost in the Spin

The Tipping Point Program 2020


MAY:  Launch of  'No More Hiding in Silence' Film Clip

JUNE: Unapologetically Myself - North East Victoria tour

 Schools and Community Performances

SEPTEMBER: Miss, it Appears We've hit some turbulence - Performance and Exhibition – Dame Phyllis Frost Centre

OCTOBER: Unapologetically Myself - South West Victoria tour

 Schools and Community Performances


Unapologetically Myself is a contemporary performance by young creatives encompassing drama and music. This project has evolved from a number of creative workshops led by Somebody’s Daughter Theatre Company Artists, and held at Courthouse Youth Arts in Geelong.

Based on real life experiences, the story explores identity, race, gender and sexuality.  The writing and themes come directly from the young artists and touch on issues pertinent to young lives; grappling with anxiety, developing a sense of identity and finding a place of belonging.

 Who am I?
What am I supposed to be?
Am I LGBTQIA or just me?
As a child my letters were ADHD
I’ve got a bad case of Acronymia’

In 2019 the SDT team worked with the young people to remount ‘Unapologetically Myself’ and took the show on tour to regional schools and communities.


‘Earth… Dust, Stardust, Breath’ – Geelong After Dark - Nobody’s Fool Theatre @ Courthouse Youth Arts

‘What Will It Take? - Women in prison @ Dame Phyllis Frost Centre

Performance at BCYF All Staff Forum - Nobody’s Fool Theatre @ Geelong Football Club

‘Unapologetically Myself’ - Major performance @ Courthouse Youth Arts

PRISON-POSTER-2018-stakeholders Small.jp


‘The Sound of Light’ – Geelong After Dark - Nobody’s Fool Theatre @ Courthouse Youth Arts

‘The Storyteller’ - Women in prison @ Dame Phyllis Frost Centre

‘Submit. She Whispers’ - Major performance @ Courthouse Youth Arts