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Somebody's Daughter Theatre &
Nobody's Fool Theatre 2021

Click above to watch a short video about Nobody's Fool Theatre, and what we're up to in 2021.

Episode 1
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When Covid hit in 2020, Somebody's Daughter Theatre was unable to stage our yearly theatre performance in the Dame Phyllis Frost Centre.

Not wanting to leave the women, who had worked so hard, with no outcome, we recorded the the previous year's production Miss, It Appears We've hit Some Turbulence! as a radio play.

We then played the performance to some of the women in our post release program and recorded their reactions and thoughts, on the play specifically, and the world in general.

We've edited it together to create Somebody's Daughter Theatre's first ever podcast, to be released to take the world by storm later this year.

Click above to listen to the first full episode of Miss, It Appears We've Hit Some Turbulence - The Podcast!.

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